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Woven PP Sacks

Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Sacks

Our woven pp sacks are strong, breathable and extremely cost effective - ideal for Nuts & Bolts, Feeds & Seeds, Coal & Logs, Shellfish, Waste Paper & many other applications.

We stock a comprehensive range of white woven sacks in our UK warehouse – Plain sacks for immediate delivery or printed up to 2 colours here at our factory. Don’t worry if you can’t see what you want here, we can manufacture or import special sizes, shapes, colours & styles to order - laminated sacks, sacks with gussets & polythene lined sacks (minimum quantities may apply).

Woven PP Sack range

Standard Sizes - Top Quality 10x10 weave 800 denier white woven pp fabric with hemmed mouth.

Size (width x height) Typical Application
45x60cm (18x24") Small loose items - nuts bolts washers scaffolding clamps etc
50x80cm (20x32") 20 - 25 kgs aggregates, coal, seed, waste paper, shellfish, animal feed etc
50x90cm (20x36") 25 kgs aggregates, seed, coal, logs, waste paper, shellfish, animal feed etc
60x90cm (24x36") 30 - 40kgs aggregates, seed, coal, logs, waste paper, shellfish, animal feed etc
60x100cm (24x40") 50kgs aggregates, feeds, coal, waste paper etc (available in colours)
76x100cm (30x40") Lightweight bulky items
76x114cm (30x45") Bulky items Rags clothing etc
80x150cm (31x59") Very large lightweight items, plastic extrusions, coathangers etc.

Laminated Sacks Typical Application
50x80cm heat cut mouth Up to 20kg of loose / powdered products - Gives extra protection from moisture & keeps dust inside. i.e. Forecourt Coal Sacks

Sandbags with tie string (unfilled) Typical Application
33x79cm Woven PP 17kgs Sand for weighing down road signs & temporary flood control
33x79cm Hessian Flood control and wall building

Woven net bags with drawstring Typical Application
45x60cm Kindling, vegetables & shellfish
50x80cm Medium duty for Logs & Vegetables Heavy duty for Shellfish

Our woven polypropylene sacks are made from the highest quality UV protected polypropylene. UV stable woven PP sacks and bags are resistant to sunlight and premature weathering. Our specialist WPP sack manufacturing facility can produce polypropylene sacks in a number of sizes for a wide range of different applications such as coal sacks, animal feed sacks & laundry powder sacks. We also supply printed polyprop sacks and bags direct from our UK factory. Woven PP sacks are strong, economical and rip resistant, ideal for bagging agricultural products, waste paper recovery and packing feeds, seeds and chemicals they can be supplied with polythene liners or made from laminated woven material. Dicksons sacks are manufactured to a high standard and  buying direct from a sack manufacturer means we can offer some of the cheapest woven sacks on the market.

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30% Recycled Material

Our packaging products contain at least 30% Recycled material (rPP) & are exempt from UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

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