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Hessian Sacks

Hessian (Jute) Sacks

Up until the 1970's all our Sacks & bags were made from traditional Jute & Hessian fabric before they were replaced by cheaper, stronger Woven Polypropylene sacks.

However, we still supply a number of Hessian/Jute products:

• Hessian Sandbags (empty or pre-filled)
• Hessian fabric for frost protection
• Standard sizes of Hessian sacks for Potatoes etc.
• Bespoke sizes of Hessian sacks made to order
• Printed Hessian Sacks

61 TEX
Hessian/Jute materials are bio-degradable & fully recyclable.

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30% Recycled Material

Our packaging products contain at least 30% Recycled material (rPP) & are exempt from UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

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