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Bulk Bags of Sand & Flood Protection

Bulk Bags of Sand & Flood Protection

Sackmaker supply bulk/tonne bags which can be used to establish a basic flood protection wall or river dam in minutes.

• Standard bags with 4 lifting loops with or without top cover (skirt).
• Helibags® for Helicopter deployment / single point lift.
• Fully type tested with a certified safety label in each bag.
• Supplied empty or pre filled with approx 0.7m3 of Granite Sand.
• Can be used in conjunction with our smaller sandbags.

Our Granite Sand filling is a small aggregate used widely for monoblock foundations with high stability much better for building walls & barriers than any other type of filling material such as builders sand.

Because Granite Sand doesn't retain water (increasing by only 10% weight in use & returning to original weight in 2 hours) our Sandbags easy to redeploy & don't retain contamination which may be present in flood water.

Washed Granite Sand is PH neutral and can be re-used or sold on for landscaping & soil improvement.

Reusable Recyclable
All our Bulk Bags & Sand are recyclable.

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Bulk Bags of Sand & Flood Protection

Bulk Bags of Sand & Flood Protection

30% Recycled Material

Our packaging products contain at least 30% Recycled material (rPP) & are exempt from UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

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