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Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

Reusable Recyclable Sacks

Over the past 100 years Sackmaker J&HM Dickson have produced millions of reusable & recyclable sacks made from both traditional & synthetic materials – from repurposing old materials to making durable, recyclable woven Polypropylene sacks with long lifespans – it’s in our DNA!

Find out how almost all our sacks were made from second hand materials here.

50 years ago the introduction of Woven Polypropylene (WPP) sacks largely replaced much more expensive Hessian & Jute bags which used a lot of natural resources to manufacture & had a very limited lifespan.

Our modern materials are made from natural polyolefin resin which has an environmental impact amongst the lowest of any synthetic or traditional material. WPP has excellent durability, wear resistance & because it’s woven has a natural rip resistance not found in the likes of plastic films.

This makes it an ideal material for making into multi use sacks – as manufacturers we know it takes the same effort to make a bag no matter how good the quality of material which is why we have always made products which are designed to be re-used time & time again. This introduces less new plastic into the environment & saves the energy required to Recycle single use bags.

Made from Up to 70% Recycled Materials

Weaving top quality, re-useable Polypropylene fabric (PP) requires high quality raw material - so much as we would like to make all our sacks & bags using 100% recycled PP, it's counter-productive in terms of performance & durability.

Sackmaker use a minimum of 5% Recycled plastic in all our sacks & are working hard to increase this to 30% by 1st April 2022, therefore reducing plastic waste & bringing cost benefits by avoiding new Tax legislation which applies £200/tonne to all plastic packaging with under 30% recycled content.

Find out more about our new Black Woven Sacks made from 70% Recycled Plastic.


• Our muti-trip FIBC bulk bags are stress tested over 50 times
• Premium grade kerbside recycling sacks proven to last over 8 years
• Even simple Woven PP sacks can be re-used at least 5 or 6 times

Then, at the end of all that, they can still be recycled to make things like plastic buckets, garden furniture or pallets! So before you consider a cheap product for a one trip application why not consider the benefits of paying a little more for bags which can be re-used & recycled – it benefits the environment & is often far more cost effective.

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PP5 Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

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